Various / Luke's Hitmen For The 90's [Condition (Sleeve/Vinyl): --- / ---]


'92 US Original Promo Only 6 Track E.P.!怒涛の2 Live CrewによるMega Mixから始まり、時代を思い返させるド・ファンキーなウエスト・コースト連発!!Edan Mix CDにも収録の"My Hardcore Rhymes"でお馴染みB-1 Le Juan Love "It's Been A Long Time"や、Eddie Kendricks "If You Let Me"ネタB-2 The Precise MC "Don't Even"、Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud "Do the James..."同ネタJames Brown "Blues and Pants"使いのB-3 True Two "I Was At A Jam"などなどEarly '90s好きには堪らない内容!


- Tracklist -

1. The 2 Live Crew / Mega Mix
2. Jiggie Gee / Jealous Bitch
3. 2Awk / U.S.A. (United Static Assoc.)

1. Le Juan Love / It's Been A Long Time
2. The Precise MC / Don't Even
3. True Two / I Was At A Jam


Label Luke Records
Format 12", EP, Promo
Country US
Released 1992
Original Yes
Sleeve Plain
Vinyl Condition EX / B-1序盤小キズ、チリノイズ

Price: ¥3,800(税込)